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Halloween Fun | Slidell, LA | John L. Killeen, DDS


Visit our office during Halloween Week and vote for your favorite pumpkin, decorated by our staff!! The competition is fierce and the crowning of our new "Pumpkin Queen" depends on you!  

(Every entry has at least one uncut pumpkin inside. There are 6-8 entries, be sure to see them all!!)

This year we will offer voting on Facebook and Twitter

Voting for 2014 begins on Friday, October 27. We will post the 2014 entries at that time. Voting ends on Friday, October 31.


Be sure to tell your friends and family to enter in the fun!!!

Take a look at some of our past entries and winners. Check out our Office

 News/Blog tab to see even more great pumpkins. Scroll back to October and you will be in awe of the great talent on our staff!!!







  #1 Firedog    
                                                                                           #2 A Hearty Dinner




                     #3 Angry Birds                               #4 Spaghetti and Meatballs


                                                     #5 Perry the Platypus



#6 skull


                                                    Last Year, 2010










2009 Entries 

   SNOOPY, 2nd place, made by Sue                     SPIDER made by Tracy

  BEAGLE DOG, 1st place, by Diana                            MOSQUITO by Lura

 PUMPKIN PIE, 3rd place, by Michelle                    FISH by Leslie


LSU by Elizabeth 

 When you cast your vote in our office, be sure to get your special treat, we promise no tricks!!

Our hours during Halloween week:

Monday 9-6                           Tuesday 1:30-8:30

              Thursday 8-5                          Friday 8-1                              


You can see the pumpkins featured in last year's contest by visiting our OFFICE NEWS web page. They're great!!!

Contact Us.We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form.