We appreciate all of our patients and their glowing comments. It makes us feel great when we can put a smile on your face!!
This has been my best appointment ever. I was seated and seen promptly. I could listen to music through my entire visit and the staff couldn't have been nicer or more attentive.


Even though I get nervous when going to the dentist, Dr. Killeen and his staff have made this experience as comfortable and calming as possible. I rate it an A +.


The one and only way to spend a day at the dentist!


Dr. Killeen and Lana, along with their staff have been nice and comforting to me. Thanks for your professionalism.


The music is delightful, setting the mood for peaceful contemplation. Much appreciated.


I appreciate the prompt and professional treatment I have received. They have done everything possible to make the entire procedure as comfortable as possible.


It was a great visit....always is. Where else can you go and feel like you are with caring family?


All the staff is GREAT!!!! I enjoy my time spent with Dr. Killeen and everyone there. The office has a relaxed family feeling about it.


I always enjoy my visits with Dr. Killeen and staff--feels like family!


I love, love, love the new email and text messaging system. I get a 2 week, 2 day and 2 hour reminder of my appointments. It really helps me remember, especially when I am at work. Thanks so much for the help.

Judy S.

I call this man my miracle man. The office staff is wonderful. The hygienists are my friends. I am terrified of dentists, but I look forward to my visits with Dr. Killeen. They make you comfortable. I feel like family.


This was my first visit and it was wonderful! I was treated with great respect and warmth. The atmosphere in the office was very friendly and laid back, therefore, creating a calmness for me and others as well. I loved the office decor and the pre-pasted toothbrushes in the bathroom, along with the perfume and other neat products that you have for your patients in the restroom. That shows me that you have taken a lot of thought for the comfort of your patients....and that speaks volumes. Thank you for your kindness.


Great service and friendly staff!! I feel completely at ease here and will be referring people to this office!


I am always pleased with your services. I have been coming to you all for so long I feel like family. I know everyone and everyone knows me and I can't think of anything I would want to change.


My visit was a great experience and left me feeling confident with the choice I made to entrust my dental care to Dr. Killeen and his staff.


The great, caring staff here has always been high on my list. Dr. Killeen continues to prove that he is indeed the top dentist in the area. Thanks!


As always, my visit to have my teeth cleaned was a pleasure, not a chore. Everyone is so professional, yet friendly, I feel I'm in the company of friends instead of at a doctor's office. Thanks for making your patients feel that way!


One of the best run offices I've ever visited!

Dr. B.

My experience was wonderful!!! I have always dreaded going to the dentist. You guys were great. It was obvious that your mission is education and outstanding customer service. My son has already come in for a visit and my husband is scheduled to come in soon. I have also referred you to my aunt who will be coming in soon. You guys are all great. Thank you.


Dr. Killeen is very personable and makes a dental visit very pleasant. The hygienists are always polite and happy which makes any patient feel less tense. I appreciate the great front desk service also.


At the age of 23 I had to have my upper teeth extracted because of an infection. I had my first upper denture. Through the years I did have new dentures. In 2006, I had problems with some of my lower teeth. At that time I only had three teeth that could be saved. A new upper was made plus a bridge for the lower. I was never able to eat with the bridge. Three months later I had to have a root canal on one of my remaining teeth. Because all three were crowned, had a lot of problems. Took a total of three visits. Approximately 5 1/2 hours total.

In 2008 I went to a dentist in Thibodaux to try to work on the lower. Instead of doing what I asked, he insisted on re-lining the top. Total disaster. Turned out I now had buckteeth- lots of pain around my jaws and muscles. Food and saliva. Had to learn how to swallow. People were asking me, "What did you do to your mouth?" I still was unable to eat with my bridge. I Basically became a recluse.

Alas, in 2009-Nov-1, I was at my son's house in Slidell, looked in the yellow pages, saw an ad for "Smiles", thought I will try again. After many visits to adjust the muscles, I now have a new denture and new bridge. I am finally able to eat with my bridge. I certainly have more self confidence and able to go out to eat.


To say going to the dentist is an enjoyable experience sounds a bit odd, until you have been to Dr. Killeen. He and his amazing staff are first class professionals and truly make you feel as though you’re family. Kind, gentle and caring only begins to describe him and his practice. I feel fortunate to have them in my community and once you have visited them, you will too.

Michael G.

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