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Bleach Special

"I want something to smile about...."

Summer is a terrific time to get a new, bright smile!! We have the newest light available: Advanced Power Plus. Bleach your teeth using our deep bleaching system combined with ZOOM! for a powerful new smile in 45 minutes. Most patients are able to achieve an 8 shade difference in 1 visit. This would take at least 2 weeks using home bleaching products.

Advanced Power Plus in-office 45 minute bleaching with home trays for maintenance.

*Purchase 3 carpules of touch-up bleach for only $50. That's a $17.50 savings!

Try our new bleach touch-up pens. Paint your way to a brighter smile by removing food stains from your teeth. (2 pens.....$50.)

We have a one hour and a half hour bleach touch-up kit that can freshen up your smile in 1 or 2 treatments while you relax.

Enjoy your bright smile all year long by touching up every few months while you are watching your favorite TV show.

Tips from our GLEAM TEAM for maintaining your "megawatt" new smile:

Eat light colored foods and drinks to avoid staining your teeth while bleaching. Remember this suggestion when choosing a toothpaste or mouthrinse.

Wear berry-colored lipsticks with blue undertones and use bronzers that look more brown than gold to make your smile appear whiter. Avoid orange and gold clothing and makeup which bring out the yellow tones in teeth.